Councilman Fitch asks for Steve Stenger’s Resignation

County Executive Resign

This month’s North St. Louis County Republican Club

The North St Louis County Republican Club will have their monthly meeting  this Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 7:30 PM.  They meet at Cannoli’s Restaurant at 462 US 67 (Lindbergh) at Washington/ Elizabeth next to Walgreen’s in the Florissant Meadows Shopping Center.

There will be a candidate forum for candidates running for school board in the  Ferguson/Florissant and Hazelwood School Districts.

Also, they will be discussing “Proposition S”, Metropolitan Sewer District tax increase.  A speaker has been invited to speak on this issue.

Gary Wiegert will speak on April 25th about the city/county merger.

For information contact Lou Hannibal at 314-831-6442 or our speaker chairman, Dave Blanke at 314-837-0484

Remember to vote on April 2nd.  We still need Republican election judges for this election.  If you can serve please contact John Minard at 314-615-1871.


St. Louis County Republicans Reject Better Together’s Plan

At this month’s regularly scheduled meeting, the Republican Central Committee of St. Louis County members voted unanimously on a resolution to oppose the organization Better Together and their plan to unite St. Louis City and County. The Committee joins many local St. Louis County municipalities that have passed similar resolutions.

The Better Together plan is to combine the City of St. Louis and the many St. Louis County municipalities into one large mega city. There would no longer be a county and most services would merge. The purpose would be to end duplication of services and make the government more efficient, therefore saving voters millions of dollars.

However, according to the “Riverfront Times,” the Better Together people could not come up with any evidence that their plan would work. Rene Artman, Chairman of the Republican Central Committee of St. Louis County recently commented, “this is just a transfer of wealth from the citizens of St. Louis County to the failed politicians of the City of St. Louis.” Mrs. Artman was referring to pension funds for City employees that are dramatically underfunded.

Further concerns voiced include the fact that savings may never materialize, and a combination of the City and County would permanently lock out one political party leaving many citizens unrepresented.

Republican Central Committee of St. Louis County is an organization of Republican Committeemen and Committeewomen elected in their respective Townships in St. Louis County.

Contact: Rene Artman  (314) 398-6667 for more information

For more information about the Republican Central Committee of St. Louis County go to:


See how you can help to stop Human Trafficking

In 2018, Missouri approved House Bill 1246 to combat the scourge of human trafficking by requiring the placement of posters containing resources to assist human trafficking victims in many public buildings throughout the state of Missouri.

Click here to find out more and see how you can help.



Bonhomme Township Republican Club Meeting

Thursday, February 7, 2019

6:30-7:30 PM Meet and Greet

7:00-8:00 PM Program

413 S Clay, Kirkwood, MO (American Legion Post)

Neal Breitweiser

Executive Director

Jefferson County Port Authority


Neal will talk about plans to develop Mississippi River ports in Crystal City, Herculaneum, and Kimmswick, including the re-activation of the Delta Queen.  Neal is also the Republican Committeeman for Creve Coeur Township.


Questions about the Club?

Alan Wheeler, President, 314-691-2526

Jan DeWeese, Committeewoman, 646-343-5360

Matt Maher, Committeeman, 314-898-3625

Why Sheriff Joe?

There has been a lot of interest in our Republican Party activities as to why Sheriff Joe Arpaio will speak at the St. Louis County Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner.

Retired Sheriff Joe Arpaio – famously known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” – represents the values and principles of St. Louis County Republicans.

He does for obvious, and not so obvious reasons.  To illustrate, here is a glimpse of Joe Arpaio’s past – a remarkable one of which most are unaware.

We all know Joe Arpaio as the Sheriff who cracked down on illegal migration decades before it was in vogue; and a man who made headlines for his staunch position on law enforcement and his revolutionary prison reform programs.  But consider Joe Arpaio’s lesser known background and why he is rightfully a conservative legend, hero, icon and importantly, a relevant voice to represent the Republicans of St. Louis County this year.

Joe Arpaio was the youngest Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Regional Director in the history of the institution.  At 35, Joe was placed in charge of every DEA office in Latin America from Mexico to Argentina.  While developing revolutionary DEA programs, Joe met with US and foreign presidents.  As the Regional Director, operating in South America, Joe attended meetings with Panamanian President Noriega at the time when the United States rightfully maintained control of the Panama Canal and it is believed to be the only American invited to visit with Chilean President Augusto Pinochet.  Arpaio also served as the head of the DEA offices in Turkey and other middle-eastern countries.

This background alone makes Joe Arpaio a relevant voice to the controversial issues raging in 2019, illegal drugs, law enforcement, border wars, Latin America, diplomatic relations with nation states teetering on economic and physical collapse.

These are issues that affect us here in St. Louis County, as well as Missouri and the United States.

Joe Arpaio famously went on to become “America’s Toughest Sheriff”.  It is a name he lived up to and was re-elected six times for a total of 24 years in the state of Arizona.  A champion for ICE, Arpaio’s Sheriff’s office became famous for helping deport and report illegal migrants flooding the southern border.  Arpaio’s revolutionary prison reform programs reduced prison recidivism rates and was praised nationwide for his “out of the box” solutions for prison reforms.

Arpaio has been a staunch advocate for sealing our southern border.  His sheriff’s office was on the front lines of this issue for decades.  His record speaks for itself.

These are all issues that are incredibly relevant for St. Louis County and our Nation as a whole.

Joe Arpaio has drawn strong criticism from Republicans and the Democratic Party apparatchiks for decades and for exactly the reason we conservatives celebrate him – he is a defender of our Constitution, and he enforces the law.

When John McCain, knowingly mislead the American people in his book, “The Restless Wave”, that Joe Arpaio was a “felon-to-be”, it established the line between Republicans who sold out for Obama’s agenda and those Republicans who maintained their integrity and examined facts.

The Left and Big Media want us to ignore the fact that President Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio for a contempt of court Misdemeanor, NOT as urban legend has it, a “felony”.  Why?  Because Arpaio’s particular brand of conservatism did not agree with a liberal Federal 9th Circuit Judge.

Any American duped into this “Arpaio is a Felon” hogwash, is a textbook victim of the Open Borders Globalist agenda; one that has been trying to destroy Joe Arpaio for decades.

In December, Arpaio, together with the founder of Freedom Watch, filed a $300 million lawsuit against CNN and what most of us call the “Fake News” conglomerate for propagating this “Arpaio is a Felon” lie.  Arpaio’s case has real standing and could well make a difference in today’s war against a corrupted news machine that has for too long, been using the 1963 “Times v. Sullivan” case as justification to abuse their powers of the press in an effort to infect the American public with lies for political purposes.

The Republican war against Globalism, Leftist Big Media and Obama’s disastrous legacy are all issues that we Republicans here in St. Louis County discuss and fight against daily.  Arpaio has been in the thick of this fight all of his life.

If our Republican Party strives to represent integrity, honesty, and dignity, then I can think of no one better than Sheriff Joe Arpaio to speak at our Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner.  Joe dedicated himself to the service of this nation and we are honored to have him.  Let us take this opportunity to learn from someone who represents the values we hold dear, while never compromising his service to this nation, even under the heat of character assassination.

Joe Arpaio is a conservative icon for many reasons, but Joe Arpaio’s leadership and survival under a ceaseless barrage of political persecution is a testament that you and I have a voice; that we all have a vote; and that you and I are the rightful captains of our destiny.

Rene Artman

Chair of the Republican Central Committee of St. Louis County Missouri

Happy New Year from St. Louis County Republicans

Wide Angle holiday web banner Happy New Year 2019

Sheriff Joe Arpaio to headline St. Louis County’s Lincoln-Reagan Days Dinner

arpaioThe Republican Central Committee of St. Louis County announced that their keynote speaker for their Lincoln-Reagan Days Dinner will be Sheriff Joe Arpaio. “Sheriff Joe” is a former law enforcement officer and politician. He served as the 36th Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona for 24 years, from 1993 to 2017. The dinner will be held on March 23rd and is open to the public.

Watch our website for reservation information:

Better Together to bypass City/County citizens and the Missouri Legislature with their merger plans

According to an article in the St. Louis Business Journal, the members of Better Together will try to do an end run on the citizens of St. Louis, the citizens of St. Louis County and the Missouri Legislature by putting a City/County Merger merger on the 2020 ballot as a Constitutional Amendment.

According to the St. Louis Business Journal:

Better Together would fund an operation to get signatures for a Constitutional amendment with the goal of placing it on a statewide ballot in November 2020. It would be promoted by a multimillion-dollar “yes” campaign, directed by Democratic operative Nancy Rice and financed by index-fund pioneer Rex Sinquefield and others, and all Missouri residents would get a say. If a majority of voters approve the amendment, within five or six weeks all current government offices in the city and county would be suspended and a transitional government would take over for about 15 months, pending elections.

The Business Journal was also briefed on these points about the merger:

  • A new governmental entity — with a new charter — would be created in place of the current city of St. Louis and St. Louis County structures. It would encompass the current city and county land mass. The government would be based in downtown St. Louis.
  • Elected officials would include: one mayor, one prosecuting attorney, one assessor and 33 council members.
  • The county’s 88 municipalities would lose the ability to collect most sales taxes, have their own police departments and courts. What’s currently the city and county would have one police department and one court system. The municipalities, their officials and legislative bodies would still exist.
  • Fire and school districts would be untouched.

A City/County merger has been opposed by many members of the Republican Central Committee of St. Louis County. Also, the Missouri Governor has indicated that he will support legislation to make it more difficult to get issues on the ballot.

Erle Lionberger

The St. Louis County Republican Central Committee would like to extend its sincere condolences to the family of Erle Lionberger who passed away today after an extended illness.

Erle became a Republican Committeewoman for Hadley Township in 1965 and served on the Republican State Committee from 1968—1978. She was a delegate for the Republican National Convention, 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988 and an Alternate Delegate in 1968. She served as Missouri representative for the Republican National Platform Committee in 1988 and Missouri chairman Women for Reagan-Bush, 1984.

In addition, she served on the Board of Directors for the Landmarks Association St. Louis, Inc., 1973—1976; Coordinator for the History Preservation Pilgrimage, 1974; Board of directors for the Friends of Winston Churchill Memorial, 1975—1976 and as member of Save Grant’s White Haven, Inc., since 1985.

She was a member of the women’s executive board, Missouri Botanical Garden, 1977—1980; member St. Louis County History Building Commission, since 1976; Capitol Complex Commission on Fine Arts, 1983—1990; Chairman Missouri 7th Senatorial District Committee, 1978—1984; Missouri Advisory Council on History Preservation, since 1982; Missouri representative Lewis and Clark National History Trail Advisory Council, 1984—1988; Board of Directors Missouri Heritage Trust (now Missouri Alliance for History Preservation), since 1982 and Missouri Parks Association, 1982—1989.

Erle’s dedication to the Republican Party will always be remembered.