St. Louis GOP is a publication from the St. Louis County Central Committee. This group is made up of elected committeemen and committeewoman from each township in St. Louis County. Their goal is to identify Republicans for office and help get them elected.

Each State in the United States is divided into a web of overlapping government entities. In St. Louis County we have cities (or municipalities), city wards, school districts, fire districts, the county, county districts, state congressional districts, state senatorial districts, the state itself, federal congressional districts, federal senatorial district (the State).

These political entities require a never-ending flow of new candidates, people to organize for the political parties, act as delegates for the parties, election officials. The townships organize the political districts and support the political parties. Each township has one committeeman and one committeewoman from each party these are elected positions. Townships need precinct captains, election officials, party delegates and candidates for political office.

To get involved, follow this blog and contact your committeeman or committeewoman. They can be located through the St. Louis County Central Committee website.