SB 631 Facts

  1. The bill contains a repeal clause effective on 12-31-2020.
  2. The bill is in no way like the Michigan-style voting where ballots are sent to every voter. Ballots are by request only.
  1. Liberal groups were/are preparing a lawsuit asking our liberal courts to order a Michigan/Oregon-style mail-in vote system involving all voters, not just those requesting COVID-19 related ballots. SB631 provides an argument against that.
  1. The bill retains the requirement that the ballot be notarized and a single ballot per envelope defeating ballot harvesting.
  1. SB631 process is very much like the absentee system that is in current law. You must request an absentee ballot.
  1. SB631 also contains subpoena power to the Secretary of State to aid in the prosecution of voter fraud.


It is important to note that:

–There is a sunset on two reasons to vote absentee that will repeal in December. There are five reasons now for voting absentee. That will change temporarily to seven, but the two added that concern COVID-19 reasons will repeal at the end of the year.

–The rest of the bill, everything not dealing with COVID-19 issues, will stay in force.

–Election authorities will compare signature on every ballot they receive to the signature they have on file when the individual registered to vote.