parsonsJefferson City, MO, June 18, 2019 – Supporters gathered at watch parties across the state of Missouri on Tuesday night to tune into President Trump’s announcement that he is running for reelection. Missouri Governor Parson released an official statement regarding the announcement: “In a little over two years, President Trump has accomplished more for everyday, hard-working families and businesses than any other president in recent history. As 2020 Democrat candidates argue over who is the most socialist, who can raise taxes higher, or who can increase government control of our lives sooner, President Trump has unleashed America’s potential, delivered historic tax cuts, put Americans and our businesses first, fulfilled his promise to secure our borders, prioritized fixing our broken health care system, and restored America’s military strength. President Trump has sparked an economic boom across our entire nation, including historic job growth, higher wages, and record-low unemployment right at home here in Missouri. The case for electing President Trump for a second term is simple: America needs more freedom and less government, more jobs and higher wages, stronger borders, and an improved health care system. I’m proud to support President Trump and will make sure that Missouri delivers another big victory for President Trump in November 2020.”

About the Missouri Republican Party: The Missouri Republican Party is
composed of numerous organizations and committees that work toward the
common goal of electing Republicans in all corners of the state.