At this month’s regularly scheduled meeting, the Republican Central Committee of St. Louis County members voted unanimously on a resolution to oppose the organization Better Together and their plan to unite St. Louis City and County. The Committee joins many local St. Louis County municipalities that have passed similar resolutions.

The Better Together plan is to combine the City of St. Louis and the many St. Louis County municipalities into one large mega city. There would no longer be a county and most services would merge. The purpose would be to end duplication of services and make the government more efficient, therefore saving voters millions of dollars.

However, according to the “Riverfront Times,” the Better Together people could not come up with any evidence that their plan would work. Rene Artman, Chairman of the Republican Central Committee of St. Louis County recently commented, “this is just a transfer of wealth from the citizens of St. Louis County to the failed politicians of the City of St. Louis.” Mrs. Artman was referring to pension funds for City employees that are dramatically underfunded.

Further concerns voiced include the fact that savings may never materialize, and a combination of the City and County would permanently lock out one political party leaving many citizens unrepresented.

Republican Central Committee of St. Louis County is an organization of Republican Committeemen and Committeewomen elected in their respective Townships in St. Louis County.

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