For their night meeting this Friday, Pachyderms welcome Mr. Thomas Jackson, author. He has a new book out. Before taking up the pen, he served as Police Chief of Ferguson, Missouri,  and oversaw many years of progress in his community until Michael Brown’s tragic shooting death. He stepped down in March 2015 but continues to be sought by the media to discuss Ferguson, officers’ and victims’ rights, police procedures, and the rash of violence by and against police. Jackson lives in Ferguson, MO.

The Pachyderms have their monthly night meeting this Friday Oct. 20. The meeting will have cash bar at 6PM with dinner at 7PM at Sapore, upper room, $35 per person. Our menu is Chicken Piccata or Pasta with red sauce and meat, RSVP by 10/19 noon to Jeannine Stuart, 314-983-2319, .