Jefferson City — Missouri delivered an unmistakable message during today’s special elections: Republican values and conservative principles are driving voters.

Republicans swept the elections, as Representative Sandy Crawford was elected to fill the state Senate seat that belonged to Mike Parson, vacant since he became Missouri’s Lieutenant Governor and GOP candidate Sara Walsh won the vacant House seat in District 50. Walsh defeated left-extremist Michela Skelton, who was backed by several far-left liberals, including Senator Claire McCaskill.

“In a state that voted overwhelmingly for President Trump and Governor Greitens, this is as clear a sign as any that Missourians are doubling down on their call to reject the Democrats’ agenda and make Missouri great again.

“Hard-working Missourians want to elect Republicans whose voices sound like their voices – principled, conservative leaders who aren’t afraid to stand up to the far-Left.

“The message from Missouri voters is clear—the liberal agenda advanced by Claire McCaskill and the Missouri Democrat Party is dead-on-arrival in our state, and our special election sweep is just a preview of the epic defeat McCaskill will endure in 2018.”—Austin Stukins, Executive Director, Missouri Republican Party.