Here is an email that went out from the Missouri Department of Labor. It is no secret that government regulation is a serious impediment to economic growth. Please make sure your legislators get behind this movement!


Following the example of Governor Eric Greitens, the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations wants to hear from you as we seek to alleviate the burden of state government red tape on our citizens and growing businesses.

State Government administrative rules are found in the Missouri Code of State Regulations. State law authorizes rulemaking generally, to the agency or specifically, in a program’s statute. The Department of Labor currently has 2,346 restrictive rules found in Title 8 of the Missouri Code. 

Governor Greitens called on all state agencies to review their rules to ensure they are essential to the health, safety, or welfare of Missourians. Reviews will also determine if specific regulations are ineffective or unnecessary by considering whether:

  • The regulation’s cost outweighs its benefits.
  • The regulation is effective.
  • The regulation is the least restrictive alternative.
  • The regulation is based on sound, reasonably available scientific, technical, economic, or other relevant information.
  • The regulation is unduly burdensome or adversely affects Missouri citizens or customers.

As part of the review process, the Department of Labor is asking for your comments on its existing rules. These comments will be accepted online on an ongoing basis, with the intention of gathering a majority of comments by August 31, 2017. 


We will also hold public hearings on our rules to allow taxpayers, citizens, businesses and customers of the department to talk directly to Department of Labor leadership. These public input sessions will be held: 

    • July 19th, 3 p.m. – 1410 Genessee St., Kansas City, MO
    • July 20, 1 p.m. – 505 E. Walnut St., Springfield, MO
    • Aug. 4, 1 p.m. – 3315 W. Truman Blvd., Jefferson City, MO
    • Aug. 24, 1 p.m. – 111 N. Seventh St., St. Louis, MO

    Thank you for helping us ensure a brighter future for citizens and businesses in Missouri. I look forward to seeing you at our public hearings and reading your comments over the coming months.


    Anna S. Hui

    Acting Director, Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations