JEFFERSON CITY — Today, Senator Claire McCaskill announced she would not support the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, a decision that defies the values her Missouri constituents.

Missourians voted President Trump into office by a stunning 18 (eighteen) points in November, yet his nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Gorsuch, now faces harsh opposition from Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill.

McCaskill was expected to give Gorsuch her support, not because she sought to reflect the desire of her constituents, but because she feared his replacement.

Just days ago, McCaskill was caught on tape saying she wasn’t comfortable with the filibuster strategy she now plans to join, worried if Judge Gorsuch wasn’t confirmed, someone more conservative would come after him.

Now, McCaskill’s made a complete about-face and will join Washington Democrats in their continued display of obstruction.

“Today, Claire McCaskill bowed to pressure from Chuck Schumer and the most liberal elements of her party demanding continued obstruction of Judge Gorsuch, who is eminently qualified to serve on the US Supreme Court,” said Austin Stukins, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party.  “Just days ago, McCaskill was caught on tape saying that she was ‘uncomfortable’ with the filibuster strategy that she now plans to join. When McCaskill loses her re-election bid next year, it will be because she continues to put the interests of the Democrats’ Washington DC party bosses ahead of Missourians.”