At their regularly scheduled meeting this evening, the St. Louis County Republican Central Committee voiced their support for a pay raise for police and an increase in police protection in St. Louis County. However, they voted unanimously to endorse a “no” vote on Proposition P on April’s ballot.

Proposition P would increase sales taxes in St. Louis County by a half of a percent and raise $80 million, $46 million of that for St. Louis County and the rest for municipal police departments.

According to radio interviews today with County Executive Steve Stenger and Police Chief Jon Belmer, it was noted by some of the Central Committee members that not all of the municipalities had any plans on how to use the money. There were further concerns that current revenue streams funding the police would be diverted to other uses. These issues, along with the concern for high sales taxes in St. Louis County led to the no recommendation.

The St. Louis County Republican Central Committee consists of one man and one woman from each township in St. Louis County. These Committeemen and women are elected every other year to represent all Republicans in their township to the Missouri Republican Party.