Right to Work advocate, Mary Hill with Governor Greitens

Today Eric Greitens signed Missouri’s Right to Work Bill at 9:30 in Springfield, Missouri. The bill had been long delayed by Jay Nixon. 30 days after the inauguration of Greitens, the bill was passed into law.

The law will prohibit labor unions from collecting dues as a condition of employment. Greitens hopes the law will send a friendly message to employers, who will bring their business to Missouri.

Union workers and advocates had descended on the Capitol and Greitens’ office on Thursday when lawmakers gave the bill final approval, offering pleas that he veto the controversial legislation.

“Right-to-work will help us attract more job creators to our state, and it will promote healthy wage growth so that Missourians have the kind of family-supporting jobs they need and deserve,” said House Speaker Todd Richardson, R-Poplar Bluff.

Also it is believed that it will force unions to work harder for members and their dues.