Gene McNary offered his plan on restructuring the St. Louis County (and perhaps the city too) in today’s Post-Dispatch. McNary put together a plan during his last term as County Executive that was ultimately rejected.

Here is his current idea. Click the link to read the full article and let us know what you think of his plan. Whether you like it or are against it, be sure to give a reason.

Let’s start by combining St. Louis County’s municipalities, reducing the number from 90 to seven. The boundaries of these new municipalities would be those of the St. Louis County Council districts, each with an approximate population of 143,000. We’ll call them boroughs.

Each would have an elected mayor, council and local control to keep government close to the people. Each borough would have a police and a fire department, thereby reducing the number of police departments from 57 to seven, and fire departments from 43 to seven. Municipal courts would be reduced from 81 to seven.

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