Last week Missouri lost an important opportunity to grow the number of jobs in Missouri. According to the Missouri Alliance for Freedom:

On September 16, 2015 the Missouri General Assembly had a historic opportunity to help Missourians of all walks of life. With veto proof majorities the Missouri Legislature could have enacted worker freedom in spite of Governor Nixon’s veto. The Republican led House of Representatives failed to override the veto because of 19 Republicans (20 if you count former democrat Linda Black) who stood with liberal-progressive Governor Nixon and voted NO. Hillary Clinton immediately praised the defeat of right-to-work in Missouri. Now begins the process of holding the 20 NOES accountable for standing with Hillary Clinton and Jay Nixon. Missourians from all backgrounds deserve more job opportunities, higher wages and salaries, and more prosperity. We deserve worker freedom.

Below are the 20 Republican representatives that sided with Governor Jay Nixon and Hillary Clinton:

Linda Black Kathie Conway Kevin Corlew
Kevin Engler Sue Entlicher Paul Fitzwater
Elaine Gannon Ron Hicks Galen Higdon
Dave Hinson Bill Kidd Nick King
Bart Korman Jeanie Lauer John McCaherty
Shane Roden Becky Ruth Sheila Solon
Chrissy Sommer Anne Zerr