Yesterday, the Missouri Legislator attempted to override a veto by Governor Jay Nixon on a bill that allowed workers to decide for themselves if they wanted join a union or not. The override failed and the Chairman of St. Louis County’s Republican Central committee, Bruce Buwalda, had this comment:

The failure to override the Governor’s veto of the Right To Work bill places our state in a position of competing with job friendly states. We have RTW states on our borders (aside from Illinois), and they have increased their economic growth over the past years.

I am concerned, that our state will be on the losing end of any economic improvement in our region. Those states with RTW are now in a more favorable position when they are being considered as locations for economic/industrial expansion.

In a recent WSJ article (12-13 Sep 15): “Since Feb 2010, the low point after the recession, employment in the nation as a whole grew by 12.1%, and in Texas (a Right To Work State) by 18.7%.

Perhaps, when businesses relocate in the coming years, and jobs disappear, voters will question those legislators who voted to support Mr. Nixon!