From reading the summary of this report in the Post Dispatch, it seems to be addressing only one side. Co chair Rev. Starsky Wilson is quoted as saying “it gets tougher” from here. Is the Rev. Wilson referring to how people must be responsible for their own actions?

Parents must be accountable for their child’s behavior. We must teach children from an early age to respect authority and teach them right from wrong. Assist the child in the knowledge that dreams for the future can be realized by staying in school, studying hard, get the best education possible so that you can get a good job and make those dreams become a reality. Dreams and wants are not attained by stealing and destroying others property who have worked hard to achieve their goals.

This Ferguson Commission has only addressed one side of the problem. Seems to me that Gov. Nixon is using this as a political ploy because he failed to act sooner in time of distress. In doing so nothing will change, only lip service.

Attitude adjustments are needed on both sides. Actions have consequences and each one of us must learn that if we are going to survive.

As for the money that was spent on this Commission, better use of it could have been supplying local food pantries, establish summer programs to keep idle minds busy and supplying the local school district with money to create a good citizens program.

Rene Artman

Fenton MO