MOGOPA very productive meeting of the Missouri Republican’s State committee addresses:

Delegate allocation for the 2016 Presidential election

How ballots are cast in the state of Missouri

Party stance on Right to Work legislation

Voter ID

The Missouri Republican State Committee’s first meeting of the year, following the election of our new leader, John Hancock, took on a number of issues and will make changes in the way we will be electing our next president.

At the meeting held on Saturday, June 27, 2015 in Jefferson City, a plan to allocate delegates for Republican presidential candidates at their national convention was unveiled. The plan has two parts: if a candidate receives a majority of the votes cast in the Republican Primary (March 15th), all of the Missouri delegates attending the national convention will be bound to that candidate. In the event that a candidate does not receive a majority of the votes (50% +1), the winner of each Congressional District will receive three delegates from that district plus two more delegates from the Missouri Republican Party. The candidate receiving the most votes in Missouri overall will receive an additional 9 delegates. Candidates will also receive the corresponding number of alternates to back up the delegates in the event that they cannot attend. These delegates will nominate the Republican Presidential candidate for the Republican Party.

This plan was developed for the purpose of rewarding candidates for making a big effort in Missouri and to distribute delegates more equitably among candidates in the event there is not a clear winner.

The State Committee reviewed this plan in detail, debated it and approved it unanimously.

The following resolutions were put before the committee:

Resolution supporting the Paper Ballot in Missouri

It was brought to the committee’s attention that electronic voting machines are inaccurate and impossible to audit. Testimony from citizens and from firsthand accounts brought to light that votes cast for one candidate registered for another. Also, from the recent recount of the last St. Louis County election, audit reports generated from electronic machines could not be reconciled with actual votes. Paper ballots were easy to store and recount as necessary.

The issue was debated by the committee and passed unanimously.

Resolution Supporting Right to Work

According to a leading business relocation firm, half of companies looking to relocate will not consider states without Right to Work laws. Also, some jobs require union membership regardless of how good of a job they are doing for the employee and this also limits the freedom of the employee to job opportunities.  This resolution supports an override of the governor’s veto of a Right to Work.

The issue was debated by the committee and passed by a large majority of the committee.

Resolution Supporting an Initiative Petition to Require a Photo ID for all citizens casing a ballot during Missouri State Elections

Voter fraud effectively steals the vote of honest citizens and undermines the confidence in our political system. This resolution supports an Initiative Petition to get this issue on the ballot. While one party believes their constituents are unable to secure IDs, due to Obama Care you can no longer obtain health services without one.

The issue was debated by the committee and passed unanimously.

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The Missouri Republican State Committee consists of two people elected from each Missouri State Senatorial District (where you’re State Senators District). They are elected by their peers in Townships in that district. You can have input by getting involved with your local township and attending events held by the party.

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