Ed Martin

Ed Martin

This afternoon Ed Martin, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party announced he is not seeking reelction. In a letter to State Committeemen and Women he stated:

Over two years ago I ran to be Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party. At the time, the party seemed fractious and out of touch. Many felt the party was not listening to “We The People.” They were seen as taking the votes and support of patriotic grassroots Republicans for granted. I knew we could do much better.
Many of the men and women I have worked with over the last two years proved that the MOGOP could correct course and regain our lost footing. The crushing defeat of Big Government and Crony “Capitalist” politicians in the 2014 election demonstrated that our party had a message worth running on – a winning message.
There are still plenty of work to be done. When I talk to grassroots Republicans, there is clearly a great deal of bridge building and fence mending left to do. While our platform has the blueprint for American greatness, many of us expect more from our leaders in full-throated support for Constitutional governance and opposition to the disastrous course on which our political opponents have us.
During these two years I have been working on various projects with Phyllis Schlafly, the legendary conservative activist. She formed Eagle Forum in an era when the rise of Socialism was thought to be inevitable. Her indefatigable work, advocating for basic conservative values paved the way for the defeat of the grossly mislabeled Equal Rights Amendment and the Reagan Revolution that reversed the “malaise” Jimmy Carter talked about but did nothing to correct. Phyllis was relentlessly pro-life, and had unwavering faith in freedom – nobody was a more zealous advocate for America and her defense during the Cold War than Phyllis Schlafly.
Eagle Forum is still a leading organization in the fight against the tyrannies of this age large and small. Over the last two years, I’ve been learning just how brilliant a tactician she is even as I have been awed at her accomplishments.
I have been honored and humbled this weekend to learn that the Board of Eagle Forum and Phyllis Schlafly have asked me to be President of this amazing organization. After a great deal of prayer, I have accepted the post.
This means that my time as Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party must come to an end. I have been privileged to lead our party these last two years, and I am excited by the new challenge I face.
Thank you all for your support. Please continue your support of our Grand Old Party. Keep its leaders in your prayers, keep their feet to the fire. Remember Ronald Reagan’s wisdom – politicians may not see the light until they feel the heat.

Election for new Missouri GOP Chairman will be held later this month at the Party’s annual Reagan Lincoln Days event in Kansas City. This is the regularly held 2 year election.

This article was revised at 1:00 pm 2/2/15