It has only been a little more than a week since Steve Stenger won* the St. Louis County Executive race and he is already showing a complete lack of leadership. Is this what St. Louis County can expect when and if he actually takes office?

According to STLToday:

More than three months have passed since Stenger bested Dooley to set the stage for a narrow victory in last week’s general election.

Yet in a span that encompasses arguably the most traumatic event in county history, the incumbent county executive and the man set to replace him on Jan. 1 have yet to discuss Ferguson or any other issue facing the county in the months and years ahead.

“There has been no communication. Period,” Dooley told reporters after a council meeting Thursday night.

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* The race between Stenger and Stream was close enough to warrant a recount. A recount has not been requested yet but is likely.