Tim Jones

Tim Jones

(EUREKA, MO) – Today, Speaker Tim Jones offered the following statement on President Obama’s trip to Kansas City.

“President Obama’s trip to Kansas City shows exactly how out-of-touch he and his administration have become. While the purpose of his trip was ostensibly to speak to ‘average people’ about jobs and the economy, the people he spoke to at his dinner party last night were only those who had positive things to say about his policies, not some of the many Missourians who have been negatively impacted by his administration’s overreach,” said Speaker Jones.

“At his speech, the President only complained about Republicans in Congress holding back his agenda; he made no mention of the fact that his leadership has proven absolutely disastrous for our economy and Republican attempts to stand up against his policies are the only things keeping our debt from ballooning even further. He also made no effort to acknowledge the ‘border war’ that his policies have helped to prolong. The dire shortage of jobs brought on by the Obama administration’s policies has made Kansas City ground zero for harmful policies that have created interstate conflict.”

“Obama left a lot unsaid through his continued lack of leadership and inaction. He did not speak about how his lack of leadership on foreign policy has led to a decline in American strength, emboldening terrorist organizations like Hamas and nations like Russia to engage in historic levels of aggression. He refused to address how his out-of-control spending has resulted in an incredible level of historic debt which has placed our future in jeopardy. Despite Missouri’s resounding votes against Obamacare and the fact that the Supreme Court continues to dismantle his only signature piece of legislation, the President refused to discuss how this disastrous program is increasing costs for middle class Missourians and reducing choice in healthcare while increasing government intervention. The President also continued to ignore the immigration crisis along our southern border where children from Central and South America are being victimized as they continue to illegally enter our country – a debilitating humanitarian crisis he caused by sending the message that our country would welcome illegal immigration. He said his speech would be a part of his ‘Year of Action’ but what we heard today was not solutions or straight talk, it was merely a photo op.”