The St. Louis County Board of Elections is putting a call out to Republicans to staff numerous polling places for the August 5th election.

The greatest need for Republican Poll Workers is in North County. There are several polling locations in Ferguson, Florissant, Bellefontaine Neighbors, Bel-Nor, University City and Normandy that still require additional workers.  If you live in, or if you are willing to travel to these areas, please call or apply immediately.

Poll Worker positions are also available throughout the rest of the county. The pay range is $155 to $205 which includes a training class held at the Board of Elections’ office in Maplewood prior to the election.
Address: 12 Sunnen Dr., St. Louis, MO 63143
Poll workers are key to safeguarding our election process.  Many people find the experience rewarding and return to serve year after year.

For more information please call Lori at 314-615-1840 or Sally at 314-615-1965.
To apply:

In Victory,

Matt Wills
Executive Director,
Missouri Republican Party