Jasha McQueen

Jasha McQueen

St. Louis County: This evening, during their regularly scheduled meeting, the St. Louis County Central Committee endorsed Jalesia “Jasha” McQueen for St. Louis County Assessor. McQueen will be facing Andrew Ostrowski in the August Primary and incumbent Jake Zimmerman in the General Election.

The Central Committee rarely endorses candidates in primaries. However, due to Jasha’s close connections to St. Louis County Republicans and her support of the community, the Committee found it an easy decision. She was endorsed by a “super majority” of committee members.

Jasha, is co-owner and attorney of the St. Louis-based law firm, McQueen Awad LLC. A second generation immigrant fluent in Spanish, her practice areas focus on general corporate law, immigration law and international law.

The St. Louis County Republican Central Committee is made up of elected Committee Men and Women from each township in St. Louis County.

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