Green Park is the latest municipality to oppose the push toward a merger/reunification. Tony Pousosa,
Republican candidate for St. Louis County Executive said “I think it is necessary to be proactive in the
process against a merger. We do not want the citizens of Green Park or St. Louis County to suffer from
the same failed progressive policies that the people of the City have had to endure for years. A merger
would bring higher taxes, higher insurance rates with combined crime stats and lowered property

The City of Green Park stood in solidarity with a vote of 6 to 0 for the resolution to oppose the merger.
“Better Together” has been creating a marketing campaign under the illusion of being unbiased.
However, all the members of the board support some form of a merger and the very name implies
merging would be better. The group has made an issue about duplication of services but that is more
hype than substance. Pousosa commented “Green Park, Chesterfield or any other municipality is not
duplicating services that St. Louis County provides. Either St. Louis County is providing fire
protection, police protection, etc. or the municipality is. What works better? A police station/fire
station close to the community or one further away? I think the answer is obvious.”

Shrewsbury aldermen will now turn their focus to take a position for or against the merger. The
momentum seems to favor small/local government. Ballwin, Ellisville and Green Park ha