JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. –– Missouri Republican Party (MRP) Chairman Ed Martin announced that MRP raised $303,445.37 in the first quarter of 2014 and currently has $137,383.00 cash on hand.   “We continue to see support swell for our Party, our candidates as well as the legislative committees committed to the conservative values we believe in. The generosity of our donors allows our Party to continue the engagement and development of technology driving our success,” said Chairman Martin.   “Momentum continues to mount for Republican candidates because we are fighting for everyone, not just the selected few. Poll after poll continues to show the frustration Americans are seeing with ObamaCare and the anger over the lies we were sold.   “Missourians are worried about what is coming next, the uncertainty of ever-changing regulations and the sky-rocketing costs of everything from healthcare to gasoline. Republicans are the only ones offering real world, common sense solutions.   “As a result, people have stepped up to ensure we’ll have the resources to replicate the success of 2010, in 2014 races at all levels.”    Fast facts:

  • Total raised in Q1 2014: $303,445.37
  • Total cash on hand: $137,383.00
  • Average donation: $150.76

Debt: $0.00