Tony’s team says that they have a new website is up and running, please check it out. Remember to press F5 to refresh your settings or your computer will pull the old version. There are many places to sign up and get involved in the  campaign. They will be having a Happy Hour Meet & Greet with Tony, Thursday, April 10th at 5:30 till ??? at Helen Fitgeralds, 3560 South Lindbergh, St. Louis, MO 63127.  Then join them the next evening, Friday, April 11th at The Wildwood Balloon Glow, located at the Wildwood Town Center, 183 Plaza Dr., Wildwood, MO 63040. They will be at the Town Center at 6:30 with T-Shirts for everyone to wear. This event has hot air balloons, pictures with the Easter Bunny, a hayride and more. Great fun with our families while campaigning at the same time.
Lisa Pannett said in a statement: “Our appreciation for each and every one of you runs deep. We the people can make a difference in St. Louis County. We have now paid for informational pieces, door knockers, magnets, bumper stickers, buttons and much more. Generous donations have put us beyond our half way marker for our sign buy. Any contributions that you can make will be not only appreciated but managed conservatively. Many Thanks and God Bless St. Louis County.”