Tonight I attended a hearing in Jefferson City which would cut the Missouri State Sales Tax by .5% over 5 years. HB 1948 sponsored by Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick (R-Shell Knob) passed out of committee by a vote of 8-4. All 8 votes came from Republicans while the other 4 who opposed were Democrats.

Those who supported the bill were Rep. Koenig, Rep. Higdon, Rep. Curtman, Rep. Engler, Rep. Gannon, Rep. Moon, Rep. Reiboldt, And Rep. Kelley.

The four progressives who voted against the bill were Rep. Curtis, Rep. LaFaver, Rep. McNeil and Rep. Pierson. Three of those four individuals are from St. Louis, while Rep. LaFaver is from Kansas City.

“Republicans say they’re for tax cuts, Democrats say they’re for helping the poor and middle class. This bill does both of those things, and neither party should oppose it.”

I recently received an email from. Rep. Margo McNeil stating, “I do believe this is the best approach to cutting taxes.” Then why Ms. McNeil did you oppose this bill? A minimal tax cut that would’ve given tax relief to the base you say Progressives support. No Ms. McNeil, Democrats DO NOT support the poor and middle class.

Republicans need to capitalize on this and out these Democrats for lying to the base they say they support. Cutting sales tax should be a bipartisan issue, and clearly the Progressive (Democrat) Caucus in Missouri is focused on taxing the base they say they love and support.

To all of those in the Wild Horse Township who read this article, I would like to say I work on the side with my organization No MO Sales Tax while also being Committeeman.

Thanks for reading,

Ken Newhouse