Jane Cunningham announced today, that after careful thought, she will not be running for Brian Nieves’ state senate seat. Jane said that she would have liked to pick up where she left off in the Senate, concentrating on: education reform, labor/management issues and federal health insurance issues. However, in a statement she said:

Relationships with major donors over the years have taught many of us that, even though they willingly fund proven candidates with conservative Republican records, they grow weary of primaries that unfortunately the Republican Party has specialized in of late. That weariness spills over to other Republican candidates who need and deserve support and is not healthy for the long-term good of the party nor for the state. I have chosen not to seek my former Senate seat and to offer my legislative assistance to Rep. Schatz when he moves to the upper chamber.

With that said, the ongoing work and reforms I have initiated and been pan of as a Director of the Monarch Fire Protection District have been satisfying, successful and much-needed. I have been moved by the overwhelming concern recently expressed by firefighters and their union that I might be abandoning Monarch even though I assured the public I was not. Now Monarch and they will have my undivided attention.

Jane has been a driving force behind Workers Compensation reform, laws to slow the growth of Obamacare in our state and a sound representative for the citizens of the Monarch Fire District.