Rick StreamSt. Louis, MO – Early this morning, State Representative Rick Stream filed to run for St. Louis County Executive.

Immediately following his filing, Representative Stream will head back to Jefferson City where he is the Chairman of the Budget Committee.  Rep. Stream has balanced the budget and helped Missouri remain one of only seven states with an “AAA” bond rating.  Rep. Stream serves on two key education committees and continues to work hard to provide our children with the tools and opportunities required to prosper in our ever-changing global economy.

Representative Stream will focus on his responsibilities in Jefferson City before returning to St. Louis County to campaign for St. Louis County Executive.  St. Louis County Republicans are excited to have such a phenomenal candidate for County executive.

Rick has been very busy in Jefferson City and wanted to ensure that he could complete his legislative responsibilities without distractions.  Republicans view the seat as a prime pick-up opportunity this year because of utter mismanagement of the Office by current executive Charlie Dooley, widely reported and rampant corruption in County government, and a divided and heated primary for the Democrats.

Representative Stream brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the role of St. Louis County Executive.  Rep. Stream previously served for 29 years as a Budget and Project Manager for the United States Department of Defense, Army Aviation and Logistics Commands.  As a former US Navy officer (1971-75), Rick has proven that he has the backbone to tackle the host of challenges facing the St. Louis County today.  Prior to his election to the State House, Rep. Stream was elected to the Kirkwood School Board and served as President from 1998-2000.

“I am excited by Rick’s decision to run for St. Louis County Executive.” Dan O’Sullivan, Hadley Township Committeeman said.  “He has fought to balance the budget and to improve education throughout the state.  Rick brings experience managing in a government environment.  He’s a project manager who knows how to make decisions, hold people and departments accountable and he knows how to get things done.”