Tim Jones

Tim Jones

EUREKA, Mo.- Today House Speaker Tim Jones joined state-level leaders to Demand Balance Now and called for support for a Balanced Budget Amendment through a state-led, limited Article V Convention.  This historic initiative is being led by state houses across the nation and is spearheaded nationally by the State Government Leadership Foundation’s citizen pledge.  The pledge asks Americans from all walks of life to join state-level elected leaders in calling for Obama’s Washington to balance its budget like the rest of us do. Visit www.DemandBalanceNow.com to sign the pledge.

“I proudly join my colleagues from Missouri and other states across the nation to Demand Balance Now! At the state level we know how to tighten our belts and live within our means just like American families do each day all across this country. It is time for the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. to take a page from the state playbook by balancing the budget and working to pull our nation out of a $17 trillion hole,” said Jones, R-Eureka. “I am proud to support the SGLF’s citizen pledge to support a limited Article V Convention to enact a Balanced Budget Amendment.  I encourage everyone to sign the pledge and stand with me, for the sake of our children’s future.”

Elected officials and community leaders from across the nation have signed the pledge that states:


We the undersigned have long observed the federal government accumulate a debt, now totaling over 17 trillion dollars, which is an immediate threat to our children’s future and is crippling our nation’s fiscal trajectory. We the undersigned have lost faith in the federal government’s ability to responsibly manage and control its own budget and spending. Therefore, for the sake of our children and our country’s future, we the undersigned pledge our support and hereby call for a state-led Article V Constitutional Convention convened for the limited purpose of passing a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution.

To learn more go to www.DemandBallanceNow.com