Jane CunninghamSt. Louis, MO – Over the weekend St. Louis County Republican Central Committee member Dan O’Sullivan convened a group of prominent County Republicans and office holders to discuss potential candidates for the County Executive race. Former State Senator and Monarch Fire Board Director Jane Cunningham was invited to attend the meeting.
Cunningham was vetted by the group as a candidate because of her proven ability to win elections as well as her leadership in both the Senate and at Monarch Fire Protection District where she has identified numerous instances of government waste and has instituted reforms and accountability measures to save taxpayers money and improve service.
If she decides to run, Cunningham could win by raising the needed funds and support from both the business community and grassroots Republicans throughout the county to retake the seat for Republicans. Although Cunningham has other commitments and opportunities to serve in elected office she is carefully weighing the decision after many Republicans have encouraged her to run.
The group discussed the 2014 political landscape including a number of reasons why Republicans have a strong opportunity now to retake the seat which has been held for decades by county Democrats. Republicans are viewing the seat as a prime pick-up opportunity this year because of utter mismanagement of the Office by current executive Charlie Dooley, widely-reported and rampant corruption in County government, and a divided and heated primary for the Democrats.
County Republicans will continue vetting additional candidates while Cunningham considers the GOP request. The group identified attributes that the ideal candidate would possess including being able to unite grassroots Republicans throughout the county behind his or her campaign. Cunningham made it very clear she will be a team player and help unify the party behind a single candidate whether she is that candidate or another identified by the party.
“I appreciate Jane’s willingness to seriously consider running for County Executive and to explore this great opportunity to turn St. Louis County around,” O’Sullivan said. “She has continually fought for the cause of good management in government, accountability, low taxes, and job creation. We anxiously await her decision.”

For more information, contact Dan O’Sullivan  314-781-7187