From Ed Martin:

We deserve a state and a national government with a vision to see the bright future ahead, and the effective leadership to guide us there.

This starts with our children! The youth of today are our leaders of tomorrow. The protection of the quality of education in Missouri must be a priority for every parent, every worker, every elected official. It is a moral imperative that we must all address!

Our party, the Republican Party, sees education as a vehicle of opportunity. We believe parents and families lead our children’s education. Our Party supports state and federal legislation that grants parents the ability to help their children escape failing schools and attend institutions of their choice (whether private, charter, or public). We also support the funding of educational needs of children, as opposed to the taxing capacity of a school district.

Our Party needs your input.

Our Education Community Program allows us to update you on legislation that could affect your family, on events and activities around Missouri for the betterment of education, and on what the rest of your educational community is saying.

But we cannot do this without you. Please tell us what you’re hearing, what you would like seen to be done, and how we can help better and protect Missouri’s educational system.

Please reply to this and allow me to add you to our education community program list. Please feel free share this message with other family and friends who share our similar perspective and invite them to sign up.

Ed Martin