As third generation veteran, I find Veterans Day a day of mixed emotions. I feel sadness about the vets we lost in our many American battles.

However, I feel humble gratitude – because I know many veterans and non-veterans alike understand why we served, that it is at the heart of America and her greatness. Veterans believe in serving because our nation, our ideals, is worth defending.

I am proud to be an American. And I am proud to be a Life Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars as well as a member of the American Legion.

And I’m proud to be a Republican. I serve on my county committee and the state committee to try to make a difference. I am chair of our state committee’s special effort to reach out to veterans and military families because I know we can do better for them.

Today, I will remember our veterans with good thoughts and a prayer for those friends I have lost, and a prayer of thanksgiving for those fellow veterans who still serve our great nation today!

Happy Veterans Day and God bless!


Bruce Buwalda