Congressmen Emanuel Cleaver and Lacy Clay say No to Veterans

Jefferson City, Mo. – Despite their rhetoric, 164 Congressional Democrats voted to not approve funding for our nation’s veterans.

Given the recent track record of Congressional Democrats, this vote came as no real surprise. After all, the Obama led sequestration has led to civilian furloughs at the Pentagon and countless other military related installations across the country.

“It feels like Groundhog Day all over again,” said Ed Martin, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party. “Democrats in the House of Representatives stood together and made a conscious  effort to hurt our country’s heroes – by not funding vital veterans services for 2014. Time and time again Democrats chide Republicans for standing in the way of ‘progress,’ what is less progressive than not funding the very heroes that have protected our freedom?”

Yesterday’s vote was just another example of Congressional Democrats putting politics ahead of the American people.