Jefferson City, Mo – Governor Jay Nixon is questioning legislative actions on the first statewide tax cut for all taxpayers in nearly a century. As Republicans, we have a question for Governor Nixon.

What is your tax plan for Missouri?

Republican House and Senate members spoke in a bipartisan fashion in passing a tax plan that would modestly lower taxes only if state obligations were met, a common sense approach to lower taxpayer burden as state revenues grow.

The governor’s answer has been to barnstorm the state defending his use of the veto pen. Logging over 5000 miles on his taxpayer funded airplane since his regretful veto, Nixon is trying to scare Missourians into thinking he knows better how to spend their money than they do.

To compound the governor’s logic, he is withholding $400 million from education and other highly visible state agencies. A similar tactic President Obama proposed with the debilitating sequestration.

“ Governor Nixon is playing games on a bill meant to defend taxpayers,” said Shane Schoeller, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party. “Hard working Missourians thought they were getting a governor that was for lower taxes and willing to work with his colleagues in the House and Senate. Instead Missouri taxpayers have become his pawns in a hyper partisan adversarial fashion who loves to take their money as if it is a game of monopoly to continue advancing forward to larger more inefficient government.”

The governor should set his rhetorical games aside and cease to use his pawns of fear and division. It is time the governor gets serious about lower taxes, as he promised on the campaign trail. Unfortunately we have seen this too many times with Democrats. Their rhetoric rarely matches their governance.

It’s time the Governor shares his plan with Missourians, instead of playing political monopoly with the taxpayer’s money.