The RNC Spring Meeting was a resounding success. Speakers including Hugh Hewitt, Michael Reagan, David Horowitz, Allen West and Larry Solov praised the bold and honest work being done as part of the Growth and Opportunity Project and our continued efforts fundamentally to change our political operation for decades to come. There is work ahead, but we are laying the groundwork for a decisive 2016 victory.

We made important announcements furthering our engagement with communities and voters by announcing Stephen Fong as our Asian and Pacific Island Field Director and Jason Chung as our Asian and Pacific Island Communications Director. Matt Pinnell was also announced as our State Party Director to ensure we’re giving state parties the support they need, so they can in turn support and empower the work of grassroots activists and volunteers. We held workshops aimed at implementing the Growth and Opportunity Project, increasing our digital and data footprint, and working with specialty media. In addition, breakout sessions were held to review the tools and services that RNC Strategy and GOP Data Center provide for free to all state parties.

For several weeks, conservative leaders have been working on a resolution that reaffirms all planks of our platform–a set of values and core principles that stand for liberty and opportunity for all Americans. The committee approved this resolution today. But we also won’t tell anyone they can’t be a part of this party. If you’re willing to defend liberty and champion opportunity, then you should be a Republican. And it should be the job of all Republicans to welcome new voters in word and deed. In the end, we are about changing minds, not changing values. As the Chairman said in his speech at the general session today, “You can’t govern if you don’t win, and we can’t win if we can’t grow.”

Lastly, the membership overwhelmingly voted to empower the state parties and grassroots in the selection of delegates. We all agree the grassroots are the center of this party and are vital to winning elections. This change makes clear that the grassroots will pick their delegates and that presidential candidates can neither veto delegates or unseat delegates for voting their conscience. This was a win for both delegates and candidates by unifying our party behind this delegate allocation process.

Here is a link to Chairman Priebus’ speech to the full RNC earlier today: