I have just finished reading the St.Louis Post Dispatch’s opinion on “Fixing the Real Voting Problem.” It is their opinion that- 1-there is not voter fraud and a voter ID is not necessary and – 2 – more people will vote if early voting centers are established, and absentee voter allowed without an excuse.

Tuesday’s election turnout was maybe 20% of registered voters.  People are taking our voting rights for granted and in my humble opinion- even if a ballot was mailed to their home -some people just do not vote!

Feelings are that it just does not make a difference.  That is just not so: example  the Rockwood School District vote on bond Issue “S” and election of two board members.  The bond issue lost and two new members were elected ousting board members that served for 15 and 9 years.  Quite an upset all the way around.  This election made a difference – the taxpayers voted and it was a win win for Rockwood and is now time to start the rebuilding process and all work together.

As for voter ID– why not?  I have to show an ID to  write a check and we have to show ID’s to purchase alcohol, purchase certain over the counter drugs, purchase defense weapons and medicare requires an ID to use their medical insurance.  This in not an infringement on my rights, in fact it is a protection of my vote so some  people cannot vote 2 or 3 times as was
reported in our last election in November.  Prove who you are what is the problem with that  unless you are not who you say you are!

As for voting– it is our duty as citizens to be an educated and informed voter and make voting in all elections a priority! Voting is a privilege that many men and women have died to protect ! We must take this right very seriously!

If we are not diligent this matter we could lose this right and once a right is gone it is very hard to get back.

As Americans it is our duty to cast our vote as it is a privilege and not a burden. It is important for each and every voice to be heard and everyone can adapt  their busy lives to vote 3 times a year for this privilege!

Rene Artman

Fenton MO

Committeewoman of Meramec Township

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