BusTour-109I’ve got bad news for the national press: The Republican Party is not dead. I  know much has been said, written and pontificated upon about how terrible the  Republican brand has become and how the party needs to change. I disagree – one  can look no further than Republicans in the United States House of  Representatives to see an alive, vibrant and thoughtful group of Republican  leaders.

True, the GOP suffered a large-scale defeat in the presidential race and,  true, the GOP failed to win important seats in the U.S. Senate. But elections do  not defeat ideals and policies – elections defeat candidates. What happened in  November was a wakeup call to the party that candidates and principles matter.  Some of our candidates lost, but the foundation of the GOP is as strong as ever.  We stand for liberty, freedom, less government, a strong defense, growth and  more prosperity.

 It also cannot be ignored that the GOP holds 30  governorships, a majority of state legislatures and, most importantly, the GOP  still holds the majority in the U.S. House: 232-200.

We are strong because House Republicans have been there for the American  people since the start of the 113th Congress. For all the attention that the  so-called GOP divide has been given, House Republicans have been more united  than ever. We came together in mid-January and agreed on a strategy to work for  the American people. We agreed to pass legislation that will make their lives  better; we pledged to stop giving away taxpayer bailouts that simply results in  less money for families and we promised to stop the mortgaging of their  children’s future.

The president raised our taxes. He wanted more. We House Republicans said “no  more.” We have stood together in the breach as he campaigned around the country  dividing the American people with fear and a failure of leadership that was  beneath the office of the presidency. We said “no” and saved American families  money. Period.

We, House Republicans, believe that a balanced budget means more jobs for  American families. It means keeping Social Security and Medicare intact for  seniors and it means that it will be just a little easier for American families  to make ends meet. So we told the Senate – “No Budget, No Pay.” And for the  first time in over four years the Senate passed a budget – a whopper. Their  budget raises taxes on Americans by $1 trillion, adds trillions to our debt and  never balances. Our budget balances in 10 years, repeals ObamaCare, keeps taxes  low and preserves Social Security and Medicare for seniors while securing the  future for our kids and grandkids.

We, House Republicans, are still fighting to get Americans back to work. The  president has done very little to help the 20 million unemployed and  underemployed citizens get back to work with the skills they need to compete in  this tough economy. We stepped up and passed the Skills Act, which cuts through  the red tape and streamlines job training programs making it easier for  Americans to find work. It received 2 – count them – 2 – Democrat votes.  Disgraceful.

National Republicans will come back to win in 2014 by working for middle  class families; by communicating more effectively; and by continuing to work for  all Americans to make it just a little easier for their American dream to come  true.

We do not need a report to lay out what is wrong. We need to continue to work  and defend our principles just as House Republicans have done since the  beginning of this new Congress. We must enact the Keystone pipeline that will  lead to lower gas and energy prices and will make it a little easier for the  single mother of two to pay her bills and make it to the 15th and 30th of every  month.

We do not need a Republican Party autopsy – the party is not dead.  The  party is alive and well in the House, in the National Republican Congressional  Committee and in Districts across America.

We do not need to compromise on our ideals – we need to stand on principle  while building the future that Americans deserve. That’s what House Republican  leadership has done since January 3 – we have stood in the breach as the  president and his Senate attempted to intimidate and circumvent  Congress.

We, House Republicans, will not allow the president and his U.S. Senate to  hurt the American people anymore. The Republican Party is alive — and we will  never stop fighting for every American family

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