This evening in a unanimous vote, the St. Louis County Republican Central Committee voted not to support Ballot Measure, Proposition P.

Last year the state legislature passed enabling legislation for St. Charles, St. Louis County and St. Louis City to vote on a 3/16 of a cent sales tax awarding 40% to local parks, 30% to Great Rivers Greenway and 30% to City Arch River Project. St. Louis County must pass the tax increase or the vote is voided in St. Louis City. The County Council voted to put the measure on the ballot.

This evening, Skip Mange presented the pro side of the issue and Gary Wiegert presented the con side. The committee immediately voiced concern over a number of issues. The tax funds are to be managed by Great Rivers Greenway and the first concern was the lack of accountability the Greenway board had to the community. There was also concern about how Great Rivers Greenway became involved with funds being spent on the Arch Grounds. Further, questions were raised about why the County was raising funds for a Federal project and there were questions as to whether County Parks needed additional funding. Interestingly, parking will be removed from the Arch grounds and visitors will be forced to use the $10/hr lots in Downtown.

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