Ed Martin

Ed Martin

A memo from Ed Martin:Well-known Democrat strategist and former Co-chair of the Democrat National Committee Donna Brazile demonstrated, in just 140 characters, an enormous American problem:

On March 23 of last year, Ms. Brazile tweeted a celebratory shout-out for the 2nd Anniversary of Obamacare.

This year, on February 27th, she tweeted:

“Just got off the phone with my healthcare provider asking them to explain why my premium jumped up. No good answer!”

The answer, Ms. Brazile, is that our government has a problem with telling the truth.

The bank bailout was sold to the American people as a means of stabilizing the banking industry. That was a lie, it was a giant slush fund to pay off political cronies.

The stimulus was sold to the American people as a means of getting the economy on track – it was a lie, it was, among other things, a giant slush fund with which to pay off political cronies.

Obamacare was sold to the American people as a means of making healthcare affordable for all. It was a lie. Obamacare is a means by which the government can create yet another entitlement along with all the political power that comes with controlling it.

Which brings us to today: the President proposed sequestration as a means of forcing his political will upon the House of Representatives. Now that the House GOP is holding firm, the President barnstormed the nation claiming an economic Armageddon (blaming, of course, the Repubicans) if sequestration happened. Now he is backing off, demonstrating once again that the White House is a fountain of lies.

We need a Fountain of Truth.

Donna Brazile is a college-educated adult, and an experienced political operative. Despite this, she believed – and continues to believe – the lie built into the very name of Obamacare. Affordable Care Act my foot.

America needs to become receptive to the truth. After four years of the Obama Administration’s improbable lies, promises and warnings failed to turn the economy around, Americans were still more willing to believe the lies than to search for and accept the truth. While the media has been complicit, and the GOP has yet to voice a message of reform that the people will hear, the reality is that the government is us, and until we demand the truth, understand the truth, and deal with the truth squarely we will be cast about on the wind and waves.

Patriots need to become the Fountain of Truth. We must begin educating our friends and neighbors who may not understand why all the promises of the Obama Administration are not yielding results. We must do so in a winsome fashion, but do so we must. We have to become Fountains of Truth.

Telling the truth to people can get you into trouble. Folks can get mad, but we need to find the courage to tell the truth. If the truth will set you free we cannot in good conscience leave our neighbors in bondage to lies.

Donna Brazile took the first step toward understanding in identifying a problem. If the DNC co-chair can begin to understand we may be on our way to a renaissance.

Ed Martin is Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party