Shane Schoeller

Shane Schoeller

Today, I am very pleased to announce that Shane Schoeller has accepted the position of Executive Director the Missouri Republican Party.

Shane’s professional credentials are impressive. He is an accomplished candidate and elected representative. He serves Missouri as a senior state government official. Shane is a proven business leader. During his run to be Secretary of State, Shane demonstrated a remarkable passion for the things that matter most to the men and women of Missouri. Shane’s commonsense conservative message resonates with Show Me State citizens all over the state.

Among his many outstanding qualities is this: Shane is a man of faith whose lovely wife and children are the center of his life. His integrity is beyond question and his good nature shines through both publically and privately. Great leaders start with this foundation – Love God and Love your Neighbor. Over the years I have known Shane, I have witnessed this over and over.

As a leader Missouri’s Republican party, Shane will help all Missourians recognize what you and I already know – the people of our Party have love for our neighbors, that integrity matters, that the principles embodied in our State and Federal Constitutions provide the best framework for liberty, success and happiness.

Please join me in thanking Shane for his service and in wishing him well. We have a long journey ahead of us. Please keep Shane, his family, and on another in your prayers.

All the best.