Marc Perez is a candidate for the Wildwood City Council.  He has been active in the City of Wildwood serving on The City of Wildwood Ethics Board and on the Wildwood Citizens Committee for the Wildwood Community Park.

He is a life member of the Missouri Sports Shooters Association, MSSA and serve on the Board of Directors.

A Member of the National Rifle Association, NRA

Life member of the National Speleological Society (NSS).

He has a prior 12 years of service with the Missouri Speleological Survey (MSS)

Marc is a former Firefighter/Paramedic with the Maryland Height Fire Protection District, and was the 78th licensed Paramedic in Missouri.

He was also a volunteer First Aid instructor for the American red Cross and CPR  Instructor for the American heart Association.

Marc is a retired Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) who was employed by a private physician group practice in St. Louis County for 32 years.

Marc opposes the use of Public money for private/public partnerships in Wildwood.  He is a conservative voice to oppose TIFF projects that hurt our schools and erode our all ready decreasing public funds.  Eminent domain for private development is some thing which must be avoided.  2nd amendment rights must not be allowed to infringed upon by Municipal Government, Marc has remained an active partner with members of the Missouri House and Senate in addressing this issue. Public officials must be held to established ethics standards.

Some of the above have been lacking in The City of Wildwood over the past few years.

Marc is well known by many as a long time campaign worker and contributor to GOP candidates at all levels of State and Federal candidates.

The election date is April 2nd, 2013.  Marc accepts no contributions to his campaign.

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