Interesting article but Republicans should not be “me too.” They need a whole new strategy, not last year’s model:

From Fox News:

Republicans, after taking a drubbing in the 2012 election, are busy trying to  get their digital act together.

By most accounts, the Democratic Party pushed their message harder, faster  and more effectively than Republicans the last election cycle. With the sting of  2012 behind them and midterm elections around the corner, the GOP is racing to  retool their online image and up their digital game.

“They need to start planning now to prepare for the future,” said Eric  Frenchman, a strategist at Connell Donatelli Inc. “We had been looking to build  offline media as a first line of defense. So we’ve been looking at TV, talk  radio and even direct mail but we need to flip that model. It needs to be  digital first.”

Republicans were outgunned when it came to online spending this past cycle.  According to the Federal Election Commission, President Obama’s team dropped $52  million on digital media and advertising compared with Mitt Romney’s $26  million. Obama posted four times as much online content as Romney and was active  on twice as many digital platforms, according to a Pew Internet & American  Life study.

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