Today, November 27, at 6:00 p.m. CST, the St. Louis County Council   will decide whether to pass County Bill 279, an ordinance that would limit   your inherent right to self-defense.  While the most of this ordinance   focuses on anti-discrimination policy, there are several anti-Second   Amendment provisions.

You can review a copy of this proposed ordinance here.   (Page 9, Sections 11-14)

Sections 11-14 would prohibit discharge of a firearm in   any vehicle, boat or building in St. Louis County.  As you can see, this   would greatly hinder your right to self-defense.  Not only is this a   blatant disregard for your right to defend yourself, but this ordinance   violates state law by prohibiting you from carrying a firearm for   self-defense in certain locations outlined in Section 13.

Please attend tonight’s County Council meeting and voice   your opposition to the anti-Second Amendment provisions in County Bill   279.  This meeting will be held tonight, November 27, at 6:00 p.m., at   the St. Louis County Council Chamber, Administration Building, 41 South   Central Avenue, Clayton, Missouri 63105.  Also ask your family and   friends in St. Louis County to join you in contacting members of the St.   Louis County Council and respectfully urging them to vote “NO” on County Bill   279.  Contact information for the St. Louis County Council is   provided below:

Charlie A. Dooley – County Executive

(314) 615-7016

Hazel Erby – District 1

(314) 615-5436

Kathleen Kelly Burkett – District 2

(314) 615-5437

Colleen Wasinger – District 3

(314) 615-5438

Michael O’Mara – District 4

(314) 615-5439

Pat Dolan – District 5

(314) 615-5441

Steve Stenger – District 6

(314) 615-5442

Greg Quinn – District 7

(314) 615-5443