From Bruce Buwalda:

The St. Louis County Council is trying to pass legislation by an ordinance enforced by law that reads: Legislation to insure the prohibition of discrimination against all persons in St. Louis County based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Example of how this could be used:

A Catholic private school decides not to hire a man dressed as a woman because it goes against their beliefs.

Any business decides based on merit that they do not want to hire an individual.  This person who was having a gender identity issue now files a complaint.  The company did not know they had a gender identity issue.  This make employers, mind readers.  How are we to know what sexual and or gender identity issues someone is having?

All need to show up and voice their opposition to St. Louis County overstepping their bounds in social issues.  These are state issues to be addressed not a county council issue.  Please show up at 2:30 to sign in and speak at the County Council Chambers at 41 South Central Avenue in Clayton on Tuesday, November 20th.  The short notice and time were also given so that people would not show up.  Please show them that their continued underhanded tactics will not work and fill that room!