In case you missed it, a new poll by Citizens United has Todd Akin ahead of Claire McCaskill by four percentage points, 49% to 45%. This is after weeks of Claire McCaskill outspending Akin by seven to one or more. This shows once again how out of step with Missouri Claire McCaskill is and that her liberal record is not welcome in Missouri.

“This poll shows yet again that Missourians know that Claire McCaskill is far too liberal for Missouri,” said Rick Tyler, senior advisor to the Akin campaign. “McCaskill would have a better chance to be elected as a Senator from California than from Missouri. That’s probably why she was out in San Francisco raising money from Nancy Pelosi’s liberal allies. Claire McCaskill is outspending Todd almost seven to one, but Missourians know the truth. Claire McCaskill is a liberal’s liberal, and she is getting rich off big government.”

Poll details available here: