During this evenings regularly scheduled meeting of the St. Louis County Republican Central Committee, Todd Akin was unanimously endorsed as Missouri’s Republican candidate for the United States Senate. The committee felt that Congressman Akin’s strong independence on financial issues made him the ideal candidate for the position. In these troubling financial times, Akin has shown that cannot be swayed by party politics.

As a State Representative, Todd quickly gained a reputation for his conservative stands. Although the Missouri House was Democrat controlled at this time, he fought fiercely to protect life, parental rights, and gun ownership. He also worked hard to get concealed carry onto the ballot.

In 2000, Todd ran for U.S. Congress in the 2nd District. It was a hotly contested five-way primary. Although the political elite in DC termed him a “third-tier” candidate, his message resonated with the voters. A shout went up from the hot and tired volunteers who were crowded into the Akins’ living room when they learned that Todd had won by 56 votes. He went on to win the general as well.

As a congressman, Todd continued to champion conservative principles. His very first vote in congress was against “No Child Left Behind.” In fact, he was the only congressman in Missouri to vote against it. Since then, his principled stands have continued. He even withstood the pressure of personal phone calls from the President and threats from his top donors. Yet accompanying these rock-solid convictions is a man who is respectful of his colleagues and willing to work with anyone toward real solutions.

The St. Louis Republican Central Committee is composed of one elected Committeeman and one elected Committeewoman from each township in St. Louis County. The Central Committee meets monthly and acts as the representatives of the Missouri Republican Party.

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