St. Louis, MO: Today the Akin campaign called on Claire McCaskill to prove her claim that she didn’t profit off of roughly $40 million in taxpayer money that has been sent to her companies over the last five years as reported by the Associated Press. Akin called on McCaskill to release her and her husband’s tax returns for the time period she has been in the Senate.

“Without a hint of transparency or disclosure, Claire McCaskill’s businesses have received at least $39 million in taxpayer money,” said Todd Akin. “This is simply shocking and is clearly a conflict of interest. McCaskill now claims that she hasn’t made any money from this. I don’t think the math adds up. McCaskill reported ownership in over 300 companies last year, many of which received taxpayer money, but she didn’t profit at all? It is a documented fact that Claire McCaskill’s companies received this money. If she claims that she didn’t benefit from it, she needs to prove it. She should release her tax returns and the tax returns of her husband for the time she has been a Senator.”

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