St. Louis County– During their last regularly scheduled meeting, the St. Louis County Republican Central Committee voted unanimously to urge voters not to support Missouri Proposition A and County Proposition L.

Proposition L asks: “shall the $0.20 per hundred dollars assessed valuation tax for the Library District be increased to $0.26 per hundred dollars assessed valuation?” for the purpose of “replacing and renovating aging facilities, enhancing children’s spaces and youth, adult and senior programs.” Proposition A, a statewide issue, will allow the City of St. Louis to control their police department and its finances, including pension.

According to Bruce Buwalda, Chairman of the Central Committee, “we felt uneasy about increasing taxes when incomes are dropping and so many people are out of work.” Also, Senator Jane Cunningham brought to the committee’s attention the availability of pornography to teenagers using the library. She pointed out that when the issue was raised with library officials, there was an obvious lack of concern. Under these circumstances, there seems to be some management changes need to be made before moving on to tax increases.

When Missouri entered the Civil War, St. Louis was the anti-slavery center of a state that was pledged to the South. In an effort neutralize the city, the Governor took control of the police department and it has stayed that way until this day. A well-organized movement to reunite control of the Police Department with the city has led to Proposition A. However, some feel that the City of St. Louis no longer operates under a two party system. They further feel that, if the city controls the police department, some of that control would flow to the party running the city. Therefore, the committee could not support the proposition and urges citizens to vote against it.

The St. Louis Republican Central Committee is composed of one elected Committeeman and one elected Committeewoman from each township in St. LouisCounty. The Central Committee meets monthly and acts as the representatives of the Missouri Republican Party.

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