Todd Akin

From the Akin campaign:  Today a new poll showed  Todd Akin five percentage points ahead of Claire McCaskill in the race for
Missouri’s U.S. Senate seat. The poll was done by Wenzel Strategies, the  same firm that predicted the Ted Cruz victory in Texas, the Deb Fischer victory  in Nebraska and the Richard Mourdock victory in Indiana. The poll shows Akin receiving 47.5% of the vote versus McCaskill receiving 42.6% of the vote.”This poll shows Claire McCaskill’s record is way too liberal for Missouri voters. McCaskill voted to increase our debt by nearly $7 trillion, she was the deciding vote for Obamacare, and she has an F rating from the NRA,” said Ryan Hite, spokesman for the Akin campaign. Hite went on to point out that the same poll showed a twenty point lead for Mitt Romney over Barack Obama. The act that McCaskill voted with Obama 98% of the time is deeply unpopular in Missouri.Details of the poll are available here.