Do you ever find yourself talking to the TV or radio? Was there a certain piece of news you wanted to know about as soon as it became public? Take today’s Supreme Court announcement on the healthcare decision (that never came about). You could listen to the radio or TV hoping that an announcement would be made as soon as released. A better way is twitter. Twitter delivers news very quickly. If you are “following” several hundred people who think like you, news will come in like a flood.  If you are watching something on TV that you do not like, say so on twitter in 140 characters or less. Your hundreds of “followers” will know. Twitter is a two-way news source that allows you to “broadcast” your ideas or talk directly to just about anyone.

Unlike Facebook or other services like it, you can choose to “follow” anyone you like and anyone can choose to “follow” you. You do not need to mutually agree to communicate with each other. Just click “follow” and any tweets made by your new contact will show up on your reader. Anyone that “follows” you will see your tweets. You can direct message people also.

For example, I follow friends, politicians, political pundits and news outlets like KMOX, KTVI and KMOV. When I turn on the Twitter news feeder, I can collect a lot of information quickly, respond if I like or send out new messages.

To get involved go to, answer a few questions and you’re in. Find a few people you know and click “Follow”. Look at who they follow and you will find more people you want to follow. As you find more people the information will start to flow. Follow me @TedEngler, good luck!