Ruling highlights need to secure the border

ST. LOUIS, MO – Republican U.S. Senate Candidate John Brunner issued the following statement following today’s Supreme Court Ruling on the Arizona Immigration law:

“It’s absolutely critical that our states have the authority and ability to enforce immigration law to ensure the safety of our citizens and maintain the rule of law, especially when the federal government fails to do its job. I am encouraged by the Justices’ decision to uphold the provision that enables law enforcement officers to enforce Arizona’s state laws.

Nevertheless, this case and the continuing burden illegal immigration puts on our states, further demonstrates President Obama and Sen. Claire McCaskill’s inability to effectively secure our nation’s borders. As Missouri’s next citizen-senator, it will be one of my top priorities to ensure our borders are protected and our immigration system is reinforced to protect and encourage those who immigrate to our country legally.

As I have always said, I fully support legal immigration. Immigrants who want to work hard, obey our laws, and live the American Dream have always been a great asset. For those who have abused America’s openness, however, strong and immediate action must be taken. I will oppose any effort to grant amnesty to those illegal immigrants that have broken the law. At the same time, our legal immigrants should be protected by streamlining the application process.”